Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Fly Fishing Part 2

My long time readers (come on, you know you're out there--all three of you) might or might not remember my attempt at winter fly fishing a couple years ago.  That day, I got skunked.  And very, very cold.

Last weekend, I had another go at it, with guide service provided by my friend Mike, a fishing guru if ever there was one.  That know-how, and a loaner set of waders, did the trick.

Here is the smallest one I caught:

And here is one of the bigger ones:

I landed about five or six roughly this size; I was too busy laughing and hooting to keep count.  They were all browns, though I hooked one monster rainbow that got off after a fairly epic, ten-minute battle.  The fishing was so great, we almost forgot how miserable the weather was.  Good thing I was wearing more wool than the average sheep.

We let them all go, so they're still out there.  And no, I won't tell you where "there" is...unless the price is right.  But you probably can't afford it.