Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Tree

I love living close to the mountains.  People travel cross-country to see and experience what is practically my back yard.  To be able to get up in the morning and, with a minimal amount of preparation required to make the trip family-friendly, head for the hills...what a blessing.

So it was that, the day after Thanksgiving, we loaded up the Subaru and headed up the canyon to find a Christmas tree.  I love Christmas trees.  I love what they symbolize--the durability of life, the assurance that, underneath that death-blanket of snow and ice, living things are dozing and plotting their annual springtime come-back.  It is a great reminder, having something large and green in the house during these longest nights of the year.  Decorate it up with sparkling lights and shiny tinsel and it's like the stars on the snow.  Hang up the ornaments, each one of which has its own story to tell.  Then plug the whole thing in:  It's like silent, indoor fireworks.  Yes.

But since I am in serious danger of committing philosophy, here, how about I just get on with the pictures.

First, a short video.  This was actually taken the week before.  I love it when the snow does this.  The movement reminds me of ghosts on horseback.

Katito tries out the sled.  And here, I thought I was going to use it to haul out the tree!

Scouting with my Assistant Mountain Buddy 
(my primary mountain buddy is behind the camera)



Quarry:  Located!  Saw:  Dull!

While dad does all the work... and Katie goof off with the camera.

No expedition is complete without a family photo.

And the result?  Well, I couldn't get a snap with all the lights on at the same time, but maybe you can get the idea.  Beautiful.

So, Winter isn't all about hibernating, freezing, pigging out, and being miserable.  Stay tuned for reviews of my new cross-country skis!  :)

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